EzInfoFind - Venture Capital DatabaseEzInfoFind - Venture Capital Database
EzInfoFind - Venture Capital DatabaseEzInfoFind - Venture Capital Database

What is the fastest & easiest way to locate and contact venture capital and private equity investors?

You can find the answer here:FUNDINGSAVVY.COM

The venture capital and private equity investors directory described here is a comprehensive, categorized database of over 5,100 Venture Capital Firms including private equity firms, private investors, and investment companies!

The Venture Capital firms directory contains contact information for venture capital firms worldwide!

The database includes companies from The United States, Canada, Europe, Israel, Australia, and many Asian locations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan.

View the list of countries with venture capital and private equity firms.

The fastest way to send your business plan to potential investors
Our recommended Venture Capital Database is the most current and complete list of venture capital and private equity firms available.

This extensive database categorizes firms by stage preference, industry preference, and location. The user-friendly software allows the users to determine which VC and PE investors would be most receptive to their particular proposals.

Contact information for each company includes: firm name, office address, phone, fax, contact e-mail, mailing address, website.

The authenticity of every entry is verified. And the database is updated regularly. Purchase includes one year of free updates.

UNLIMITED Searches and results! When you purchase the Venture Capital Database, you receive access to the ENTIRE database.
You can run an UNLIMITED number of searches - there is no charge per use.

One-Click E-mailing Function: Save time and effort by contacting the investors in the VC and PE database with the click of a mouse! Send an e-mail to one or many Venture Capital and Private Equity investors with this easy interface.
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